Annual Divisional Meeting 16th March 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Divisional Meeting Page.

Sheffield Tapton Masonic Hall was the host of this years Divisional Meeting which for many actually started on the Friday afternoon when a group of unsung Knights attended to prepare the temple and setup the various rooms for distingushed guests.

The day started cold and wet with heavy rain forecast which only eased slightly when the Grand Sovereign arrived from his hotel in the city centre. With this being a very special day – installing a new Intendant General and Deputy Intendant General, rehearsals started very early and only finished a half hour before the start of the meeting, whilst those knights who were not needed for rehearsals relaxed in anticipation of what lay ahead with tea and coffee for all.

While some rehearsed, other drank tea 🙂
Music is a gift from above

Finally it was time for everyone to take their places and the Grand Sepulchre Guard (resplendent in their white cowls) escorted the Grand Sovereign into the temple which was previously opened in a exemplary manner by the presiding officer Very Ill Knight Paul Clarke (Past Deputy Intendant General) and to music of the highest standard throughout the ceremony from P. Kt. Andrew Taylor

The Grand Sovereign took over the proceedings from the presiding officer and addressed the knights with a resume of the Intendant General designate both from a masonic and personal point of view. It was quite clear to everyone that our Intendant General designate was suitable if not a little over qualified for the job as we listened in awe at the list of side degrees he was a member of, cities he’d visited and mountains climbed!!

The Grand Sovereign then conducted a roll call of the banners which looked terrific on their newly crafted poles and proceeded to seek affirmation that the knights and conclaves of the Division would give our new Intendant General their 100% support (as if this was ever in doubt).

With a procession of escorts, cushion bearers and conclave Sovereigns, Dr Raymond Charles Johnson was admitted, obligated and installed as the 6th Intendant General of the West Yorkshire Division, receiving his Paton of appointment, collarette, robe and ceremonial batten of the office from the Grand Sovereign

The new Intendent General then proceeded to install Ill Knight Hugh Moir as his deputy in a similar manner, all of which was controlled under the watchful guidance of the Grand Marshal.

Once complete, the IG ‘called off’ the Divisional conclave so that everyone could enjoy a special festive board and prepare for the second part of the meeting which would see the new Intendant General appoint his officers for the ensuing year.

The outgoing and incoming Divisional Eusabious get ready for the festive board

But even as we settled down at the festive board there were a few surprises in the name of a cheque being presented to the Grand Sovereign children fund to the tune of £3,100. In addition, the new Intendant General presented the Grand Sovereign with a personal gift of a “made in sheffield’ unique stainless steel pen knife along with some very tasty gifts from Betty’s tea rooms of Harrogate for his journey home. Even the the Grand Marshal was presented with a bottle of ‘mothers ruin’, much to his satisfaction.

A very enjoyable meal with wonderful company

Our new Intendant General

Lunch done, the remaining knights of the division returned to the temple to continue with the remaining agenda, which saw us pay our condolences to departed knights (see In Memoriam menu), receive a report from the Divisional Recorder and appoint and invest the officers of the year, including the divisional sepulchre guard. Then came the finale – the new Intendant Generals first address to the Divisional conclave of which a full transcript which can be read here. Its impact was immediate as conversations on exiting the temple were around his speech and the three main pillars of raising our profile, enhancing member experience and recruitment, all of which are fundamental to the prosperity of the Division and our order.

With the meeting over, on what had been a very long day (by masonic standards) not one knight left without feeling proud and privileged to have witnessed this event. All that remains is to wish our new Intendant General and Deputy Intendant General all the heath and happiness for their years in office and for the Knights of the Division to support them in the manner our previous Intendant Generals have come to expect of us.

Yours In Faith, Unity & Zeal

Ill Knight Darren Unwin