Annual Divisional Meeting 28th April 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Divisional Meeting Page.

It was a slightly overcast Saturday morning and despite the extensive roadworks on the M621 into Leeds all members of the Division and visitors arrived at Castle Grove Masonic Hall safely. With old friends and new faces, everyone was made welcome, especially all those who were receiving Divisional Honours.

The proceedings were wonderfully controlled by Ill. Kt. Mike Cooper who also acted as the Deputy Grand Marshall for the visit of the Grand Eusebius Rt. Ill. & Ven. Kt. Rev. Timothy John Nicholas L’Estrange (by special agreement from Grand Imperial Conclave). The meeting began with the usual processions of visiting dignities and then the Grand Eusebius conducted a very moving re-dedication service which reminded all the Knights present of the real meaning of our wonderful order.

The proceedings continued with the opening of the Divisional Conclave and the appropriate salutations were given to those present. The Grand Eusebius in all his regalia was formally admitted and welcomed by the Intendant General and saluted in the customary manner.

Normal business was resumed with the minutes of last year’s meeting being approved unanimously and a welcome on behalf of the host conclave (Wharfedale No. 173) was delivered in a most sincere manner.

The mood changed to a slightly more sombre one as the Deputy Intendant General read aloud all of the knights who had sadly passed away (see In Memoriam) during the last year and were then remembered with a moments silence for departed merit.

Next on the agenda, the Intendant General was pleased to re-appoint his Deputy Intendant General (Very Ill. Kt. Dr Raymond Charles Johnson, Past Grand High Almoner) and looked forward to another year of visiting the conclaves and other Divisions of the order.

All conclaves and banners were present and once the roll of conclaves was complete, the Divisional Recorder Ill Kt. Alistair Booth gave a speech on the previous year within the Division which despite a small reduction in members was deemed to be in good health and this was further confirmed with the approval of the Divisional Accounts.

All the necessary election of officers was then completed, after which, the Sepulca Guard formed the traditional carousel and did a wonderful job of escorting all the Knights of the Division for their appointments and promotions. This was a truly memorable point in the meeting, especially for those receiving Divisional honours of the first time and congratulations and handshakes were also given by the Deputy Intendant General.

Now came the highlight of the meeting, which was the address by the Intendant General, who 40 years ago that very week had been escorted through the doors of the Castle Grove temple to began his journey in Freemasonry, so this was a very special time for him to be in the temple. This was also his 10th address as Intendant General and was delighted to deliver the following Address 28th April 2018

The speech was very well received by the knights and especially appreciated by all those mentioned in it.

Once the by-laws were approved, the meeting drew to close with an invitation from the MPS of the Pillar of Light Conclave to hold next year’s meeting under their banner at Tapton Masonic Hall Sheffield.

The meeting was formally closed and everyone prepared for the festive board that followed in the usual manner






After suitable refreshments were consumed, everyone enjoyed a superb roast dinner and the company and friendship which binds our order was in evident in bucket loads including the Craft Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Pratt.

The Intendant General again thanked the Grand Eusebius for taking time to visit the Divisional Meeting and suggested that it may have had something to do with a visit to see a certain steam train later in the day,

but regardless of the motive he would be always welcomed in the Division and to remember his visit the Intendant General present him with a 100 year history of the Division to read on his journey home.

Finally, when everyone was suitably fed (and V. Ill. Kt. Hugh Moir indicated the football was about to start), everyone said their goodbyes and yet another Divisional Meeting was over. The day may have started overcast but there was a ray of sunshine emanating from Castle Grove Hall by the time we departed.

Photos curtesy of W. Kt. James Bolton and Ill. Kt. Stephen Thornton.