White Rose of York Conclave No.120 meeting in Sheffield

Loidis Conclave No. 157 meeting in Leeds

St Helena Conclave No.165 meeting in Harrogate

Centurion Conclave No.170 meeting in Pontefract

Wharfedale Conclave No.173 meeting in Otley

Roman Eagle Conclave No. 178 meeting in Morley (Leeds)

Ebor Rosa Conclave No.186 meeting in Doncaster

Huddersfield Conclave No.191 meeting in Huddersfield

Via Crucis Conclave No.263 meeting in Cleckheaton

Pillar of Light Conclave No.370 meeting in Rotherham

Belgravia Conclave No.412 meeting in Goole

Millenium Conclave No.461 meeting in Wakefield

St Margaret’s No.475 meeting in Swinton