Donation to Barnsley Youth Choir

Donation to Barnsley Youth Choir


Barnsley Youth Choir, is a charity entirely run by volunteers. It seeks to provide outstanding opportunities for young people who live in Barnsley and to inspire and change lives through music and to provide life changing opportunities for those involved.

Ill Kt Frank Johnston, P G Prefect, West Yorkshire Division, applied to the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund for a grant for the Choir, fully supported in his application by the Divisional Intendant General, R Ill Kt Dr Raymond Charles Johnson, the Divisional Deputy Intendant General V Ill Kt Hugh W Moir, P G High Chancellor, and also the Past Divisional Intendant General R Ill Kt Anthony W Llewellyn, KCC.

Ill Kt Johnston was delighted that the application was successful and to receive a donation for the choir for the sum of £2500.

The senior senior section of the choir is going to South Africa for a very intense working tour this month, taking some 80 young people for a life changing experience. The final pre tour rehearsal and fund raising concert was held in the Horizon Community College, Barnsley on Saturday 10thAugust 2019. The Intendant General and Ill Kt Johnston attended the event, met the youngsters going on tour, and then presented the cheque for £2500 to Mat Wright, a founder and the Artistic Director of this very successful choir. This was received with most grateful thanks by Mat and by prolonged applause by the young singers. 

The attached photographs show Ill Kt Johnston presenting the cheque to Mat Wright, on his right, with the Intendant General on his left.

Further information about the Barnsley Youth Choir can be found at: