Divisional Sepulchre Guard

Red Cross West Yorkshire Divisional Sepulchre GuardThe Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St. John the Evangelist


The West Yorkshire Divisional Sepulchre Guard travel around the division and provide assistance during certain ceremonies and help escort distinguished guests into and out of the temple.

The Divisional Sepulchre Guard consists of a Captain, two Deputy Captains and such number of Guards as appointed by the Intendant-General.

All members are invested with the insignia of the West Yorkshire Division Sepulchre Guard suspended from a purple collarette. It is worn at all Red Cross and KHS meetings and subsequent Festive Boards within the West Yorkshire Division. The collarette must be worn under the shirt collar.

When engaged on Guard duties a sword is worn. The scabbard must be red or black. It is preferable for a Guard to possess his own sword but it is often possible to borrow one from a Conclave or other member of the Order. Instruction on sword drill and ceremonial duty is regularly given by the Captain or a Deputy.

The purposes of the Divisional Guard are, when invited, to provide a minimum of four of its members and a Captain/Deputy Captain to a Conclave performing a KHS ceremony to undertake the role of ‘Sepulchre Guards’ and also to provide at least two of its members and a Captain/Deputy Captain to attend Conclave Enthronements to act as escorts to the Intendant-General.

The advantage to the Order in general and to a Conclave in particular is that a group of visiting Knights proficient in sword drill and familiar with those parts of the Ceremony performed by the ‘Sepulchre Guards’, can not only release members of the host Conclave for other parts in the Ceremony, but also greatly enhance the spectacle.

An invited contingent of the Divisional Guard will usually be accompanied by the Divisional Captain or a Deputy who will be prepared, if asked, to perform the role of ‘Captain of Guards’ in the Ceremony.

Invited Guards should attend no later than 30 minutes (45 for a KHS) before the commencement of a Ceremony to be briefed by the Divisional Captain, a Deputy or the Conclave Marshall. Opportunity is also taken to provide sword drill.

In addition to their primary role Divisional Guards are expected to attend the Annual Divisional Meeting to perform ceremonial duties and, where applicable, be re-appointed for the following year. They may also be requested to attend any ‘Divisional Visit’ to a Conclave and other occasions at the wish of the Intendant-General.

Soon after the Divisional Meeting, members of the guard are contacted by the Captain informing them of dates and locations of KHS ceremonies and other occasions that attendance has been requested. Each member must reply ASAP signifying their availability Conclave Recorders are then informed of the availability of the Sepulchre Guard.

If required, available Guards can be invited to assist in the ceremonies by the respective Conclave recorders.

Other than the Captain and Deputy Captains, appointed members of the Guard are usually Worthy Knights and only relinquish their membership after being enthroned as MPS unless dispensation is granted by the Intendant General.

Ex members of the Divisional Guard remain prepared to help out if needed. Once a Guard always a Guard. When toasted at Festive Board, all current and past Guards stand.

Membership of the Guard is considered to be an honour that is not available to everyone. Individuals will chosen on merit, not on their desire for another “Masonic badge”.

If you wish to find out more details about becoming a member of the sepulchre guard in our Division please use the contact us section at the top of the page. Thank you