Loidis Conclave History


Meeting on the second Wednesday of  February, May, November and December, the Loidis Conclave No. 157 of the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine has operated in Leeds since May 1899. The Conclave originally meet in Great George Street, Leeds and moved to Castle Grove in Headingley in the 1930’s

Apart from the regular ceremonies of reception and enthronement, the Conclave will, usually once a year, conduct the spectacular ceremony of receiving Knights into the Appendant Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of Saint John the Evangelist which are a requisite qualification for progression to the offices of Viceroy and Most Puissant Sovereign

Our Conclave has and continues to attract men of the very highest masonic ability and commitment with many past and present members holding very high ranks in Craft, Royal Arch and almost every other Masonic Order. These have included two Provincial Grand Masters, several Assistant Grand Masters , a Grand Superintendent,  thirteen Divisional Viceroys, four Divisional Recorders, four Deputy Intendants-General, five Intendants-General, one Grand High Prelate, one Grand Viceroy and one Deputy Grand Sovereign. A quite remarkable record for any Masonic body.